NIST logo Features Baldrige Award Winner MidwayUSA

January 24, 2012

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A brand-new article on, "We Will Be the Best-Run Business in America," features MidwayUSA, a 2009 Baldrige Award winner in small business, and its founder Larry Potterfield. Writer Leigh Buchanan notes that MidwayUSA, a shooting-supply company, is the 18th small business to win the award, which she calls "a kind of decathlon gold medal for organizational excellence." The article shows the impact of the Baldrige Criteria on MidwayUSA's bottom line. The Missouri-based firm garnered $40 million in sales from 1977 to 2003. In 2004, it started Baldrige and received the award five years later. In 2011, MidwayUSA had $225 million in revenue. "Three years after earning the award," the article states, "Midway is 'not letting up on a nickel' on its pursuit of the Baldrige idea. 'It is our system for doing everything,' says Potterfield. 'We are the purest Baldrige colony on the planet.'"

On you can read the complete article and also find on "Look Inside MidwayUSA's Baldrige Application" and "What it Takes to Build a Truly Great Company."