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Preparing Your Organizational Profile

Answering the questions in the Organizational Profile—the preface to the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence—will help you

  • Describe what is relevant and important to your organization
  • Ensure a common understanding of these factors
  • Select information and collect data as you continue your self-assessment
  • Identify gaps in your approaches and their deployment as a basis for performance improvement efforts

To complete the Organizational Profile, you’ll answer questions about your organization in these areas:

Organizational Description

  • Organizational Environment: your product offerings; mission, vision, and values; core competencies; workforce; technologies; equipment/facilities; and regulatory/legal environment
  • Organizational Relationships: your governance system, key customer groups/market segments, key product and customer-support service requirements, and key suppliers


Organizational Situation

  • Competitive Environment: your competitive position, relative size and growth, and competitors
  • Strategic Context: your key business, operational, and human resource strategic challenges and advantages
  • Performance Improvement System: your approach to evaluation and learning

You may want to complete the Organizational Profile and progress gradually to more detailed levels of self-assessment and action. If you find conflicting, limited, or missing answers to some of the questions, you may want to end your first self-assessment here. These gaps can be the starting point for developing a better understanding of your organization and improving it.


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