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2014 Changes and Reminders

2014 Due Dates

Make sure your materials are postmarked on or before these dates.

 Eligibility certification package


        with a nomination to the Board of Examiners

February 18

        without a nomination

April 1



 Award application package


        on CD only

April 29

        as 15 paper copies + CD

May 13


Change in Eligibility Limit on Subunits

Starting in 2014, there is no longer a limit on the number of subunits of an organization that may apply for the Baldrige Award within the same year based on the size of the parent organization’s workforce. The lifting of this restriction enables multiple subunits to apply for the award in the same year if the parent organization is not also applying and the organization and its subunits have not received the Baldrige Award within the past five years.

Eligibility for the Baldrige Award changed in 2012. See Is Your Organization Eligible? for details. In addition, eligibility restrictions continue to apply for organizations that sponsor the Baldrige Criteria and for organizations that participate in a Baldrige Collaborative Assessment. An organization that sponsors the Criteria cannot apply for the award during the two years covered by the sponsored Criteria. An organization that participates in a Baldrige Collaborative Assessment, including the pilot assessments, cannot apply for the award during the year in which the assessment occurs.

Reminder: Submit a CD and 15 Paper Copies of Your Award Application Package

If you submit your award application package on paper, submit 15 paper copies of the application as well as a PDF file of the application on a CD (see Application Content and Format). If your organization receives a site visit, ASQ will use the CD you have provided to print additional copies of your organization’s application. The additional printing charge will be part of your site visit fee. This change may reduce your organization’s cost to print and ship applications, in addition to eliminating paper waste from unused applications. If you submit your award application package on CD only, this change does not affect your organization.

Submit Your Application via Overnight Delivery after May 6

We encourage you to submit your award application package as early as possible. If you submit your application on paper after May 6, please send the package via an overnight delivery service.

Reminder: Include Only Terms and Abbreviations in the Glossary

In the glossary, include only terms and abbreviations used in the application, with very brief definitions (see Application Content and Format). Do not include descriptions of processes, tools, methods, or techniques in the glossary, or your application will be returned to you to remove extra glossary content.  



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