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Semiconductor Supply Chain Roadmapping

Goal: Initiate a complementary technology roadmapping effort that provides clear technical targets and research-and-development pathways for suppliers of components and materials to producers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and chipmakers.

Lead: SEMATECH, Inc.
257 Fuller Rd., Suite 2200
Albany, N.Y. 12203

Award Number: 70NANB14H055              < Calendar >

Federal Funding: $498,825

Project Duration: 24 months

SEMATECH, the U.S.-based consortium of semiconductor manufacturers and their major equipment suppliers, will develop a roadmap to identify technology challenges facing U.S. suppliers of materials and components. The roadmap will improve channels for communicating critical technical barriers, identify the technology challenges associated with meeting increasingly stringent tolerances for defects and process performance, set targets for manufacturing improvement, and encourage collaborative research solutions. These firms are generally small companies that serve an increasingly wide array of technology-intensive industries beyond semiconductors, including aerospace and pharmaceuticals.

SEMATECH has been instrumental in developing the gold standard of technology roadmapping, the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS). Thanks in large part to the technical targets and research directions set forth in the ITRS, the industry has consistently doubled the number of devices on a silicon chip about every two years. However, suppliers of components and materials have not been engaged in the industry's regular technology forecasting and planning activity. Their targets for reducing defects and setting performance are established by their customers, and there is no coordinated, supplier-level effort to solve shared challenges to meeting increasingly stringent requirements. Far removed from the end manufacturing application, supply chain companies have a limited view of potentially disruptive industry trends, yet must invest in research to keep pace with their customers' rapidly changing needs. As research costs rise rapidly across the industry, this fragmented approach is no longer sustainable for the hundreds of U.S. suppliers of materials and components, leaving them vulnerable to losing market share to foreign competitors that often receive government support.

 For project information: Erica McGill, (518) 649-1041.

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 AMTech Project Manager: Thomas Lettieri, (301) 975-3496,