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Photonic Systems Manufacturing Consortium

Goal: Address the technology gaps and challenges that are limiting the advance of hardware technology for use in integrated photonic system manufacturing.

Lead: International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI)
2214 Rock Hill Rd.
Herndon, Va. 20170

Award Number: 70NANB14H053                < Calendar >

Federal Funding: $539,990

Project Duration: 19 months

With the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Microphotonics Center, iNEMI will establish a consortium of academics, technologists, and companies that will define gaps and roadblocks for an Integrated Photonic Technology Roadmap. Initially, the Consortium for Integrated Photonic System Manufacturing aims to bring together the fragmented, customization-focused photonics industry to engage collaboratively in developing a common roadmap. This roadmap will be used to guide manufacturing research and address systems requirements for networks that fully exploit the power of photonics. Follow-on steps will be devoted to building a shared manufacturing platform for cost effective, high volume manufacturing and to fostering growth of a stable technology supply chain in the United States.

With Internet traffic increasing by 40 percent to 50 percent annually, new light-based technologies—or photonics—are considered the best option for keeping up with exponentially growing demand for communicating and processing information. Poised for rapid growth, the nation's photonic-component manufacturing industry must migrate from competing in a high margin, low-volume telecommunications market to serving high-volume markets spawned by the convergence of the Internet with a growing array of information technologies and services. While fiber-optic cables are used to transmit data over long distances, photonic technologies are edging into a variety of other uses, all the way down to on-chip communications. The biggest opportunities, perhaps, may be in integrating electronic and photonics technologies into single systems rather than the assortments of discrete units that exist today. Realizing these opportunities requires development of high-volume mass-manufacturing, assembly, and packaging technologies and processes that are reliable and cost-effective.

For project information: Cynthia Williams, (207) 871-1260,

Funded Participants:

  • MIT Microphotonics Center (Cambridge, MA)

AMTech Project Manager: Thomas Lettieri, (301) 975-3496,