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Partnership for Research and Innovation in Sustainable Manufacturing (PRISM): Product, Process, and System Integration

Goal: Strengthen and expand an existing industry-led consortium and develop shared-vision R&D roadmaps to identify prospective next-generation technologies that enable closed-loop, sustainable manufacturing operations and have the potential to increase U.S. manufacturing competitiveness.

Lead: University of Kentucky - Institute for Sustainable Manufacturing (UK-ISM)
CRMS Bldg., 4th Floor
143 Graham Avenue
Lexington, KY 40506

Award Number: 70NANB14H042                 < Calendar >

Federal Funding: $500,000

Project Duration: 24 months

UK-ISM and its partners will expand an existing consortium of manufacturers and carry out a roadmapping effort to identify and prioritize significant challenges to achieving sustainable advanced production processes across the U.S. manufacturing sector. This Partnership for Research and Innovation in Sustainable Manufacturing (PRISM) aims to initiate and develop a comprehensive, integrated research and development approach needed to solve technical challenges at the product, process, and systems levels, taking the full product life-cycle into account. The planning process will identify critical gaps, technology and skill-set requirements, and infrastructure needs common to PRISM members, actual and prospective.

Concurrent with the global race to develop and implement advanced manufacturing capabilities, there is a drive toward more sustainable manufacturing, which balances profitable production with societal and environmental well-being.Progress on both fronts will lead to profound changes in how manufacturing is done. The ultimate goals are closed-loop manufacturing processes that minimize inputs and maximize outputs. Thus, any company moving to develop and apply innovative manufacturing and materials technologies must also be moving toward sustainable manufacturing at the same time.

For project information: I.S. Jawahir, (859) 323-3239,

Funded Participants:

  • Gold1 Enterprises, LLC (Dublin, Ohio)
  • Integrated Manufacturing Technology Initiative, Inc. (Oak Ridge, Tenn.)
  • National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (Ann Arbor, Mich.)

AMTech Project Manager: Thomas Lettieri, (301) 975-3496,