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Strengthening the Domestic Power Electronics Ecosystem

Goal: Develop in-depth understanding of manufacturing and innovation capabilities of the nation's fragmented and diverse power electronics industry, and produce consensus-based technology roadmaps to guide cooperative precompetitive research and workforce development efforts.

Lead: Power Electronics Industry Collaborative (PEIC)
PO Box 159
Grand Ledge, MI 48837

Award Number: 70NANB14H041               < Calendar >

Federal Funding: $500,000

Project Duration: 24 months

PEIC, a national consortium of original equipment manufacturers, suppliers, researchers, and other U.S. power electronics industry stakeholders, will address the challenges facing the industry in three ways. It will:

  • Convene the U.S. power electronics industry to assess and document the industry's current status and competitive position.
  • Analyze how technology and policy drivers could provide opportunity for U.S. leadership in power electronics innovation and manufacturing.
  • Seek consensus on detailed technology, product and policy roadmaps that will enable industry stakeholders to cooperate on pre-competitive research and on achieving common market, policy, and workforce development goals.

Many nations are making significant investments to advance power electronics technologies and products that will have a lasting impact on a wide variety of markets and industries, including transportation, consumer electronics, energy storage, and renewable energy. The world market for inverters alone—just one element of power electronics—reached $42 billion in 2012 and is projected to top $70 billion by 2020. The United States trails other nations in developing the ecosystem necessary to support competitive design and manufacturing of power electronics for this fast-growing global market. Weaknesses include supply chain gaps and fragmentation, lack of coordination in efforts to improve manufacturing capabilities, and workforce challenges. Successful execution of this project will result in a comprehensive vision of what the U.S. must do to secure and maintain a leadership position in the global power electronics industry.

For project information: Keith Evans, (919) 789-8880,

Funded Participants:

  • NextEnergy Center (Detroit, Mich.)

AMTech Project Manager: Thomas Lettieri, (301) 975-3496,