NIST Administrative Manual, Subchapter 10.06
Transmittal Date - 2/23/98



Part 1: Nature of Assignment Agreement - self-explanatory

Part 2: Information on Participating Employee

2 through 5B - Self-explanatory

Part 3: Parties to the Assignment Agreement

 6. NIST and organizational unit
7. Identify approved organization (e.g., state, local government, or university, etc.)
8. Self-explanatory

Part 4: Position Data

 9. Current employment office address of participating employee
10. Employee's current position title.
11, 12, 13, & 14 - self-explanatory
15. Complete address including organizational unit
16. Appropriate classification title, e.g., Physicist, Mathematician, Research Chemist
17. Telephone number where the employee can be reached during the assignment
18. Self-explanatory

Part 5: Type of Assignment

 19 & 20 - Self-explanatory

Part 6: Reason for Mobility Assignment

21. Explain the rationale for the assignment and adequately describe the mutual benefits to be received by both parties to the Assignment Agreement. Indicate how the employee will be utilized at the completion of the assignment (e.g., returning to teaching position at the university, NIST employee will return to former position, etc.).

Part 7: Position Description

22. Describe the major duties and responsibilities to be performed during the assignment.

Part 8: Employee Benefits

23. Employee's basic rate of pay on a monthly or annual basis.
24. Outline any special conditions which could increase the assigned employee's pay during the period of assignment. For a federal employee, include comparability increases, performance increases, etc. For a nonfederal employee, list any anticipated raises or bonuses, etc.
25. Annual and sick leave benefits for which the assigned employee is eligible and specify who is responsible for approving and reporting leave usage.

Part 9: Fiscal Obligations

26. Cost sharing ratio, breakdown of costs, i.e., salary, benefits, cost center(s), fiscal year, etc.
27. Obligations of the participating organization. If one organization is to reimburse the other, show billing instructions (frequency of billing, billing address, and the Assignment Agreement Number).

NIST Billing Address:

National Institute of Standards and Technology
Contracts/Miscellaneous Payments, Room A825
Administration Building
Gaithersburg, MD 20899

Part 10: Conflicts of Interest and Employee Conduct

28 & 29 - The organizational unit is responsible for ensuring that an employee on assignment to NIST is provided with this information.

Part 11: Options

30. Complete as appropriate. An assignee detailed to NIST is not eligible for federal benefits.
31. Attach a signed statement from the assignee's organization identifying the benefits to be retained by the employee.
32. List any additional benefits not previously stated.

Part 12: Travel and Transportation Expenses and Allowances

33. Specify travel expenses to be covered. Attach a cost comparison identifying the travel costs to be paid, i.e., identify per diem costs vs. movement of household goods.

Part 13: Applicability of Rules & Regulations

34. Boxes A through D must be checked. Box E should be completed if a NIST employee is being sent on an Assignment Agreement.

Part 14: Certification of Assigned Employee

35. Organizational location of the assignment
36, 37, & 38 - Self-explanatory

Part 15: Certification of Approving Officials

39. Self-explanatory
40. The appropriate OU Approving Official
41, 42, & 43 - Self-explanatory
44. Name and title of appropriate OU Approving Official

Note: A signature line must be added below Block 44 for the Office of the Comptroller.

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